Some fun projects I have worked on. Feel free to contact me for future projects!

CONTACT: Martynas Justinevicius // // @glidephotos

Fnatic x Freeletics | The Extra Mile BTS

Along with images taken, a BTS video was also created for this project. 

Link for the final video:  Final Video and Team Info

SteezyLotto - Prayed Anyway

From ideas to the final product, this was a music video put together with start to finish with myself and SteezyLotto. 

(All light effects creating while shooting of the video)

Producer: J Deala 

Writer: SteezyLotto

Freyr - Nicotine Bunker

Freyr - Modern Ages

Commercial for SibirienLito

A fun project documenting and seeing firsthand the process of original graphic design printing here in Stockholm Sweden. 

Ad for a Photographer + Profoto

A small documentation of a photographer visiting Stockholm. BTS style video.

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