Martynas Justinevicius is a self taught photographer and multimedia professional living and working in Stockholm Sweden with 10 years of experience. His work constantly pushes the boundaries of what is achievable through digital media and reignites the imagination with unique perspectives that capture the essence of Aloha. A multi disciplinarian, he splits his time between photographing the boundless nature of this earth, the wave riders that challenge the ocean, and the works of God.

His photographs have been published in numerous books, magazines, and articles; the pages of Surge, One Frame mag, Riptide Mag, Life Is BodyBoard, Born To Boogie, as well as online at,, a digital publication of international travel off the beaten path. Martynas continues to live creatively and push the scope of his experience, for adventure and passion. He currently resides in Stockholm, but works worldwide. Gifted yet humble, he never forgets that his life and successes are a gift of God.

Stockholm 2018.06.11. Martynes Justinevicius. Enkätbilder till Almedalsbilagan. Vården, bostad och hållbarhet.  Foto Roger Turesson DN


Red Bull


Body Glove


Science Body Boards

Viper Surfing Fins

T&C Surf Designs


DK Wars





and many others

"Martynas has a different eye compared to many photographers out there and he somehow always succeeds with capturing that perfect moment even if it only lasts for a split second!"

- Christoffer


"I started as an influencer when I worked with Martynas. I was asking many things of him and he respected every single request at the maximum level of satisfaction until the last minute of the shooting."

- Theo

"Working with Martynas has been one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had as a model, I can definitely say that he is the most passionate photographer I know. It has been amazing to create art with him."

- Nathan

"Working with Martynas was such a seamless experience. I was visiting Stockholm from NY and had no clue where to get the best shots; however, he did and even helped out with some of the poses as well. Working with him was a blast because he wasn't just taking the photos. He was engaging, provided feedback, and in the end, I made a friend. Additionally, he returned the pictures promptly. If you're in the Stockholm area and looking for a great photographer, look no further than Glide Photos."

- Nate

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